Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Noise Machine (12/01/10)

Ah December.....

My favorite part of this story on the projected rise of diabetes in Texas is the big government response of purportedly 'small-government' Republicans:
"The numbers are shocking," Nelson said after the Texas Health Institute report was released. "I want my colleagues and the public to see what will happen if we don't change behavior, if we don't do something now."
Something!!! Must be DONE!!!

And when they're not calling for big government solutions they're having issues with ethical issues it seems. The more things change....

The red light camera issue, seemingly resolved by voter decision, could emerge as one of the more entertaining (and politically damaging) fights of 2011.

Imagine if these were ads for a Church. Then ask yourself, is faith that there's no God any different (other than the obvious) than faith that there's a God?

These reforms are great, provided they are coupled with a lower overall rate. How much you wanna bet that won't happen?

Rick Casey goes back to San Antonio. Can we work out a trade so they can keep him? (Houston deserving better than a lazy, disinterested columnist)

I expect this will go over like a lead balloon. Our universities don't want to compete. They feel entitled to more money after all. No matter how poorly they handle it. (Not that we'd know, if they had their druthers.)

Are straight-ticket voters lazy? Or is it just that the two parties are so ideologically opposed? (There are good arguments either way, but voting blindly straight-party often means casting a vote for a bad candidate.)

ERCOT and nodes. This is a big story with far-reaching ramifications. As such, it's been almost totally ignored by the biggest political blog in the energy capital of the United States.

And finally.....

Two red flags in this story. First, you have a news-ish agency breathlessly promoting a progressive budge plan. Then you have a politician using the word "Honesty" in a proposal. Combined these two items 100% guarantee that the plan will not be.

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