Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some Good, Some bad.

First, the bad......

I give you what could possibly be the worst piece of political commentary to ever see print.

Not only does Thomas Friedman project, but he projects without regard to the Chinese worldview or any sense of reality. (Hint: Do you REALLY think the Chinese would make fun of Americans for their 'immobile population'?) This column should be a fireable offense.

It has often occurred to me that the cure for intolerance could be the death of the tolerance movement. (Which is, by design, intolerant.)

Ditto for the environment and the "Global Warming" movement. The way to save the climate could be to remove most of the people that claim to be trying to save it. (Provided, of course, that "saving" the planet involves large sums of money and huge chunks of National power being transferred to them. -and a lot of money going to Al Gore and his investors-)

Now, the Good.....

Meet the Sugar Land Skeeters No better a name for the region could they find. Of course, urban Houstonians (many of whom will probably never attend a game) are already deriding the name. (One supposes they would have preferred the "Lizard Kings"?)

Think of it as a National Do Not Call list, but for the Internet.

How do you know something is a good idea? When advocates on both sides are "disappointed". My initial reaction is 'bring it on', as the idea of usage based pricing for the Internet makes perfect sense. One of the worst things about I-net pricing is getting a lot of speed but coming nowhere near the usage limits. It's the same for cell phones, whose minutes-based service plans I've never liked either.

Not all of our espionage apparatus is broken. Some of it is working quite well.

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