Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Update (01/08/11)

...they never let Dan Patrick (Patrick), join in any reindeer games.....

Maybe that explains why "Mr. Small Government" can't keep his nose out of Government? (I think he was ignored as a child)

Note to journalists: If you're in the business of defending this, you need to crush your tinfoil, you're getting some bad reception. (Maybe an alternate play to: "blame Israel for everything?" Just a thought.)

That Good intentions....but... historic preservation bill might not be the disaster everyone thought. Just because tragedy was averted doesn't mean the bill didn't suck. (See: Healthcare reform bill, 2010. For more)

Is it really wise to give the Austin press corps guns? After all, this is a group that would miss the story if it was handed to them, why do we think their aim is going to improve with metal?

We watch with amusement as The Apple Dumpling Gang disparages the entire Oil and Gas industry:
BP wasn't (and isn't) the only company cutting corners in deepwater. It's not just one player who's rotten; it's the whole game.
It's obvious, to those of us in the industry, that the gang that couldn't shoot straight hasn't spent a day visiting with the actual workers who drill the rigs and who oversee the process. On a whole they're good people doing some very dangerous work. Are their bad apples? You bet. But my experience is that they're a very small minority.

Shutter the Ed board, redeploy the resources to the newsroom. It's time for this wheezing, often inaccurate, dinosaur to be put out of its misery. Their dreck is an embarrassment to Houston.

And finally......

Chronpon? ChronBlog takes on Groupon by selling pole dances. (As of this writing, a staggering one person has taken advantage of the deal. I'm sure Groupon is shaking in their boots.) Wouldn't actual news be nice to see from the former newspaper of record?

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