Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Update (01/09/11)

No jokes today....

Of course the big story is the tragic shooting in Arizona. Prayers, thoughts and condolences are what's needed right now. Nothing else.

As for the shooter? It seems he's anti-American, communist, and a very disturbed individual who decided his early life statement was going to be giving up on the system. In his rush to judgement he killed six people, including a 9 y/o girl. Fortunately, it appears Rep. Giffords is going to make it. Keep praying for her & her family.

In Texas, the biggest story is the upcoming session of the Lege. The big news is the projected budget short-fall but there are other issues that are going to need addressing as well. It will be interesting to see how the Republican majority tries to do this.

Houston's new public defender has a rough road in front of him. Good luck.

And finally......

Let's end this on a good note: St. Arnold's is booming and 2011 sounds like it will be another big year for them....Good.

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