Friday, July 29, 2011

Bullet Points!! (Debt ceiling version)

- Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller has a pretty solid take. My thought is an imperfect deal from the right would be far better than an imperfect deal from the left.

- Case in point. If Harry Reid is out-flanking you you're not doing it right.

- It is fair to question Boehner's leadership at this point.

- It's also fair to question the political viability of the Tea Party movement at this point. Any group that doesn't understand the mechanics of turning around the ship of state might not be the ideological group you want manning the wheel.

- Turning this mess around is going to be a long, steady, plodding slog. America needs a course correction but attempting to do so too rapidly could buckle an already weakened hull.

- The Republican establishment politicians (McCain, Hutchison) are missing the boat again. Adopting the Democrats plan was never the right answer, the strategy should have been to develop one of your own that would pass.

- Important lesson: Even RINO's serve a purpose. The Tea Party would be wise to understand this, and not let their anger get in the way of using them to garner a deal.

- There has never been a President that would be considered "conservative enough" to satisfy the current demands placed on our elected officials by today's Tea Party. There's a reason for that. Think about it.

- Finally: My guess is the Reid bill gets passed and signed on Sunday, signed into law on Monday. This was seen as a chance for Republicans to keep momentum, the question is: would they blow it? If Reid's bill is the one that survives, the answer will be: "Yes, they blew it."

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  1. And what purpose do RINO's serve other than to waste oxygen?


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