Thursday, July 28, 2011

Get out of the kiddie pool Tea Partiers....

It's called political reality. In this case Tea Party members need to understand that the Democrats control the Senate and the Executive branch of the government. From that perspective the "other side" controls two of the three levers of legislative deal-making. What this means is that any deal that's made is going to HAVE to include buy-in from the other side.

This doesn't mean that Republicans should just roll over, to the contrary, they need to fight to make this as big a win as possible. The key word is POSSIBLE. Not a wish list, not something that's a complete sell-out to the other side, but a bill that has enough in it that you can claim a win with a straight face, all while blaming the bad things on the other side.

Tax increases? Bad idea during a recession. However, since the Democrats are full of bad ideas during a recession you let them have some and then drape them over them like a cheap suit come election time. You hammer that issue, and Medicare, and Social Security, and ObamaCare. You tie them to those issues so tight they can't burp without people thinking about how much the Democrats are costing them.

Was the Boehner plan perfect? Far from it, but it was a whole lot better than Reid's mess of a plan, or the non-plan, things-we-cross-our-heart-promise list of things Obama's press secretary claimed to be a plan. Was Cut, cap and balance better? In a way, but since "balance budget" is a loaded phrase these days (and one that the public doesn't entirely believe) it had it's flaws as well.

Granted, there's no way the so-called "gang of six" plan could go anywhere, not if Republicans still remember their historic rout of the Dems in 2010 that is. But there are still realities in any plan that have to be recognized.

1. The debt ceiling has to be raised. - True, Democrat threats are probably overblown, but their is going to be a legitimate price to pay if it's not done. The thinking that Obama will get most of the blame for this is a risky proposition. Far better to pass a bill with his fingerprints on the bad things in the bill, while playing up your (hopefully good) contributions.

2. Any deal is going to need some tax increases. - Remember that 2 out of 3 thing from earlier? Yeah, it's still there. The trick is to force Democrats out of their class war mentality and force them to raise taxes on ALL economic levels, not just the one's they use to club the voters over the head with.

3. A worse fear is a debt downgrade. - If you want to see things get really bad, let S&P and Moody's lower America's credit rating. If that happens it might not matter whose in power. Plus, you never know who the public is going to blame with no legislative DNA scattered around for evidence.

So instead of your name-calling of Boehner, arguing with aging relics such as Kay Bailey and McCain and get to focusing on the business at hand. Then go back to continuing to elect more fiscal conservatives so this isn't an issue the next time around.

Out of the kiddie pool Tea Party. Tweeting and rallying with mis-spelled signs is the easy part, governing is hard.

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