Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sex on the bus (Updated)

or...toy train, in this case....

Metro chief Greanias suspended, Carol Christian,

The Metropolitan Transit Authority board has suspended George Greanias, the agency's president and chief executive officer, for accessing adult content on Metro's computer system, board chairman Gilbert Garcia announced today.

Greanias, who has led Metro for less than a year, will be suspended for one week without pay for violating Metro's electronic communications policies, Garcia said.
My thought is he could say he was doing research on how to increase sagging ridership numbers on Metro's 7 mile transit backbone.

Update: Houston Press provides site-by-site detail.

If these are true (and coming from the Press (more a shock shop than a 'news' shop these days) with no verification or sourcing I'm not saying they are) then there seems to be another issue here. Some of these sites (by name) appear to be relating to child pornography or prostitution. I would think this is something Metro would want to look into. Although maybe not. Judging from the commenters in the said Houston Press piece underaged porn is 'no big deal'.

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