Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Noise Machine 07/05/11

Trying something a little bit different today....

Dear France: America's criminal justice system is a feature, not a bug. It's a different matter when you're speaking of our mainstream media however....

About that media....It's bad...real bad.

Today's sign that David Brooks is not to be taken seriously. Neither as an opinion writer nor the moderate political thinker he aspires to be.

No, the "people" (read: Caucasian progressives) want higher taxes on OTHER people, not themselvs. That's kind of a key point.

Another day, another "yeah but" story on Perry. It seems like almost every positive the State's political media finds, they feel duty bound to follow it up with a "yeah but" qualifier. (Is there a 'anti-Perry' media badget that could get taken away or something?)

Reductionist science is bad science. Unfortunately, most of what passes for science today is reductionist in nature. This leads to bad policy ideas such as soda taxes and carbon offsets.

Our government is designed to push down large decisions to a low level. In many cases those making the decisions lack common sense. The end product is the least free, "free" country in the world.

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