Monday, August 8, 2011

You can learn a lot from a Tweet....

Case in point, from the Honorable Annise Parker...
Long Heights town hall! 2 bad we couldnt hit many city issues due to multiple anti-Walmart and anti-Preservation folks tryin to score pts-a

Unsaid in this Tweet is that Herronor is FOR the Wal-Mart development and (in the right places of course*) Preservation. What she forgets is that, to the "anti-" whatever crowd these ARE city issues that are very important to them. That she disagrees with them means (in her words) that they are "scoring points" rather than bringing up real City issues.

I'd like to sit here this evening and tell you that false arguments such as this are the sole property of the Prog's. Unfortunately, they're not. Bad arguments and demagoguery seem to play well with everyone in politics, and political blogs. If you're not paying attention to recent events in the City, State and Country this is not working out so swell. It's time to stop it and challenge these fallacies whenever and wherever they occur.

"Right" being identified as those areas where reliable, progressive voters with deep pockets reside. That they are typically Caucasian and are gentrifying formerly diverse neighborhoods is just another one of those political paradoxes that test if you still have a sense of humor.

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