Sunday, January 1, 2012

Greetings 2012

Goodbye 2011 and hello 2012.

For 2012 expect more of the same from the blog here. I'm not expecting to up output much, as my resolutions for 2012 have more to do w/work life balance and less to do with being on the computer all the time. Travel, will be front loaded this year and will involve multiple trips to Europe and Las Vegas.

I'm also planning to take things in a less political direction here in 2012 and more toward the social satire side. As for resolutions...

I resolve to work less and sleep more.
I resolve to spend more time hiking, riding my bike and doing things that don't involve looking at a computer screen all day.
I resolve to be more cynical.
I resolve to not blog the election.
I resolve to spend more time sports blogging.
I resolve to spend less time worrying about bad journalism in Texas. (not that it's going to change right?)

So Happy New Year all. Here's hoping 2012 treats you better than 2011 did.

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