Monday, January 2, 2012

The ReBoot

One of the reasons I chose as my address when creating HCA was that I knew, at some time, I'd be ready to do a re-boot just as I had with Isolated Desolation and HCA. What I didn't want to do was archive an old blog and eventually delete it as I had with the others. I think that, by keeping corycrow alive and well I can really change this blog to be whatever I want it to be.

What I want it to be is a personal blog, largely (almost totally) free from politics (excepting the occasional goofy story etc.) focusing on travel, good places to eat, good wine, humor, you name it.

I'm changing because I really believe independent poli-blogging is dead. The interLeft has devolved into a profane circle-jerk, and the Bloggers O' the Right have become a circular firing squad. With no one listening, or willing to consider other opinions, the genre is as dead as it's ever been. It's become a world where blockquoting with non-existent attribution with no value-add makes one an elder statesman, and people with opinions choose to frame them as fact. There's a reason people are pulling back. That reason is bad blogging.

I won't promise to update this every day. Heck, I won't even promise to update on a regular basis. If you're still following this blog (there area few of you) you're probably a friend anyway, either that or you see me on twitter, so you'll know when I update and will either come and read, or you won't. Either way I'm hoping the pictures are nice and the prose makes you laugh. More importantly, I'm going to be on-line less in 2012 and spending more time out in the real world, spending time on planes, on bike-trails, and working on my house.

I've got a lot coming up in 2012, I hope that if you're following along you get a chuckle out of it. I know that I will. Here's hoping I don't get seated next to this on my way to my various destinations:

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