Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cue protests

Poor guy....

Heart Attack Grill in Vegas lives up to it's name. Dan X. McGraw, ChronBlog
A customer suffered a heart attack while trying to put down a Triple Bypass Burger, according to Fox 5 News in Las Vegas. The man reportedly is recovering from the heart attack.
Amazingly, most people, so far, in the comments are just live and let live. Odds are this poor guy wasn't an Adonis walking into the HAG so that burger he was eating probably had little to do with the actual attack. More likely it was years of overeating and bad living.

And so what? Which way would you rather go? With a burger in one hand, a beer in another and laughing? Or eating a green salad with oil and vinegar on the side?

Give me the former any day.

Unfortunately, given the propensity for Nanny-stateism in America these days it won't be too long before some well meaning politician somewhere decides that this moment was the proverbial tipping point and that all of us need to eat more like they think we need to eat. Put down your soda and burger (while they get to keep their foie gras and brie of course) and everything will be just fine.

Meanwhile, those that truly WANT to be unhealthy are going to continue to find new and creative ways to do so, no matter what you outlaw. What we forget is that there is a market tool designed to discourage this behavior: Higher insurance premiums and costs. What's happened is that we've removed that tool from the system due to over-regulation and placing much of the onus for our health care on others.

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