Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wait! I thought Texas schools were OUT of money

The "$4 Billion in cuts" were obviously not everything we were led to believe (By Texas' lock-step political media that is)

Fort Bend ISD approves $18M plan to replace textbooks with iPads, KHOU
Fort Bend ISD is going high-tech. The school board approved an $18 million plan to replace textbooks with iPads.

As far as I know, there are no scientific studies proving that the use of iPads over textbooks lead to higher student test scores. So basically this is just the case of a school district deciding to spend some money on a piece of technology because someone, somewhere has decided it would be cool.

If Texas school districts have $18 Million to blow on "cool" then possibly it's time to re-examine their cries of poor? Or maybe it's just time to tune out Texas lockstep political media and the InterLeft when they band together and tell obvious whoppers. In fact, school funding INCREASED over the last biennium. Just at a slower rate than it would have under the old formula. That's a reduction in growth, NOT a cut. Obviously some ISDs could have used a cut if they're wasting money on items such as this.

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