Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don't miss the key point....

...in this story about the (revised) proposed feeding the homeless ordinance.

Scaled-back homeless feeding law headed back to council, Chris Moran, Chron.com
City Attorney David Feldman said Monday that current trespassing and littering laws have proven ineffective in preventing the sanitation problems that accrue at popular feeding sites. The new rules are needed, Feldman said, because the onus is on the property owner to confront and report trespassers, and police must make the case for prosecution of alleged violations to the district attorney.
In short, there are already laws on the books that would prohibit the types of activity these ordinances are trying to police, they're just not being enforced properly.

This is typically the case in many issues, from driving while speaking on a cell phone, texting (distracted driver laws) to a host of other issues. These are solutions looking for problems that already have solutions.

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