Monday, April 2, 2012

Think Heathrow/Gatwick

That's kind of what I imagine that IAH/Hobby COULD be....provided Houston didn't mess it up.

Mexico flights from Hobby may not be cheaper, Kiah Collier,
The idea appears particularly appealing to travelers disillusioned by the United-Continental merger, including the carrier's decision to locate headquarters in Chicago rath
To a point, but I'd also like to see an expanded Hobby bring in Virgin Atlantic and other airlines, opening up new routes. I would hope this wouldn't just be an expanded SouthWest Airlines cattle call providing uncomfortable flights to South America and the Caribbean.

Sadly, I've a feeling this is NOT what is going to happen.

More than "showing" United Airlines, I want to see better (and more) service to Houston. If that serves to kick United in the butt and increase their customer service then I'm quite happy to play along.

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