Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More ChronBlog fun with group identification.

The Daily Caller as "the conservative website". Which it most assuredly is. No beef with this one. as an "abortion rights blog for women". Which it is, from a very progressive perspective.

Not that Francisca Ortega would recognize the content on to be progressive, because it's directly in line with her progressive worldview. Middle of the road and all of that.

Obviously this I have a big problem with, because it's an inaccurate framing of a hot-button issue. A framing that shouldn't be allowed to exist in an entity that still (at least superficially) aspires to be the newspaper of record in the Houston region.

ChronBlog indeed. With this and the recent drivel from the Ed board the Chron is on a quick path to becoming nothing more than a bloated member of the InterLeft. I'm sure that's not the intended path Jeff Cohen had set out for them, but it seems to be where they are rapidly going.

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