Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yes, it's THAT important

At lest, it must be that important to the folks over at ChronBlog.....

Why else do you insert a faith-based climate story by Eric Berger 3 TIMES in the headlines?

In a way though, I'm glad they do this. Because the more and more AGW climate true-believers try and link individual weather events to their religious beliefs the more they'll look silly as natural weather patterns take hold.

Yes, the Earth's climate is changing, as it has for Millennia. What's happening now is no different then what happened during the times of the Dinosaurs, the Ice Age, the Dark Ages, and during the Renaissance. The Earth's climate has always changed. It's just that we're more attuned to it now because we have better tools and temperature tracking.

Unfortunately, we also have computer models, which can be programmed to assume that CO2 has X effect on the climate. The result of this is that models with increased CO2 in the atmosphere show the climate getting warmer. This is "true" in the models because that is what they are programmed to do. This leads to the false hope that man can somehow control Earth's complex eco-system by just cutting back on our economic activity, preferably through government control. Al Gore and his investors made a fortune doing this, and the scientific community agreed to throw-out the scientific method to play along and receive funding dollars.

The news media went mad, and this is the result. Now the clergy of the AGW faith are going through a mini-reformation as their faith becomes shaken by fact. Not a true reformation as we saw in the Catholic Church, but a plea to the powers that be to stop saying those things which make that in which they believe seem factually shaky.

Ah, but now the PUBLIC has seen the weather reports and is starting to believe that humanity has set the global oven to simmer. We're like frogs sitting in a cool bucket of water blissfully unaware that the Cajun chef has slowly cranked up the heat. The "faith" is being widely adopted which means that we can finally take the 'needed' steps to turn off the burner before it's too late.....Except that even our best efforts won't turn off the stove will just nudge it down imperceptibly. The water will still boil.

Yet it's so vital to our future that we MUST show this story three times. Faith MUST be restored. Meanwhile we're losing time figuring out how we're going to deal with climate change in a desperate attempt to try and prevent it. King Canute comes to mind, except that the great King used his moment of helplessness to learn humility. Modern nature conquerors aren't crossing that bridge.

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