Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Early Voting (Day 1)

According to Stan Stanart's Harris County Clerk office the early vote totals for day one came in just shy of 5,000 total. (both Republican and Democratic primaries)  The rough party split was 2/1 in favor of Republicans, which should surprise no one since a large swath of the Democratic vote takes advantage of the free stuff bus rides to polling places on election day. Another telling number are the mail-in ballots.  A record 35K have been requested (so far) in Harris County alone.  What to make of these numbers?


 - It's not been confirmed but some political insiders may have already speculated that the Statewide races are being called, in advance, for the eventual Republican nominees.

 - Fun fact: Of the nearly 5000 that voted, 25 had the first name Hubert.*

 - State Senator Dan Patrick has already declared that the election results will show that State Senator John Carona is a traditional-marriage hating poopy head.

 - In advance of the election, State Dems are saying that these early voting numbers prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that voter fraud is a fraud.

 - Yesterday marked the start of the post-election Democratic interest group infighting season.

 - Despite relatively high expected voter participation, the losers of this election will caution about "any judgments made on the public mood" based on the results.

 - No word yet when Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee is planning her first, post election, staffer purge.

 - Based on these numbers we can, fairly safely, assume that ALL of Ron Paul's supporters in Harris County have voted.

 - No voter won the "5,000th voter of the day" sack of used bumper stickers planned to be handed out by Jared Woodfill and the HCRP.

 - There was a winner of the "Hey, we got 100 voters!" stack of Obamacare waivers handed out by the HCDP.  No word on the identity of the lucky recipient.

Things to watch for in the future:

 - Big Jolly's annual "Terry Lowry's Link Letter is a rotten egg" blog posting. (c'mon Dave, we're waiting.)
 - The next attack ad in the Dewhurst/Cruz tie.
 - Bicyclist Stein's electoral 'analysis' stating these numbers are "positives" for local Democrats.

Worst Awards:

Worst Campaign slogan:  Leslie Johnson - Harris County Attorney "Not just a lawyer, a LEADER". - Um...no, what I want in this office is a competent lawyer.  We've seen enough of what happens when 'conservatives' try and lead movements instead of performing the jobs that they were elected to perform.

Worst Campaign ad: Carl Pittman - Joe Arpaio ad. Not only is it poorly produced (you can barely make out the beginning the audio quality is so bad) but Sheriff Joe sounds as if he's an automaton. It's like the computer voice in War Games.

*(OK, it's not a fact.  But it would be fun.)

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