Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Short haul flights (05/16/2012)

So much to talk about so little time.....

Galveston bungles election. - And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Interesting that a LOT of Democratic incumbents were those that were damaged by this.)

In which ChronBlog discovers it's hot in Houston. - Sometimes there's just nothing left to say.

Mayor Parker spends it all and then some in new budget. - She wants to dip into the entirety of the reserve fund.

Today's "Pot, meet kettle" award - The idea of Village Voice Houston chastising anyone about the quality of their journalism is funny in and of itself.

Somewhere, Mostyn is crying. - This is almost like the TWIA spiking the football after a touchdown.

The REAL inconvenient truth. - Not every country is as eager to lose their economic advantages as are the US and the EU.

Ezra Klein continues to amuse us. - At some point someone is going to realize that this guy is just not that bright.

Hear! Hear! - This proposal has the No Upgrades 100% support.

Why Greece matters. - And why there's precious little the US can do about it.

What?!? You mean the Tea Party fish aren't doing what they said? - You could knock me over with a feather.

W. sounding more presidential than ever. - His (mostly) silence speaks volumes, and proves him 10 times the statesman of the current WH occupant.

How you like us now? - Suddenly the Obama administration has a come to Jesus moment on clean coal. Funny how some bad polling numbers will do that.

As goes Texas, so goes Wisconsin - Rhetoric to the contrary the DNC is going to have to pick their battles this election cycle.

Anything you can do I can do better. - Remember when Obama was bemoaning Super PAC's as the death knell of democracy?

I'm mad too Barack - Obama campaign hearing that more and more from the middle.

Here come the anti-incumbent fighters. - It will be interesting to see if this group has much success. As a whole, people hate Congress, but LOVE their Congressmen.

Nope, still not a fan of "fact check" journalism. - It's lazy, and the "facts" are often heavily weighted by the opinion of the fact-checker.  Politifarce indeed.

And finally....(probably most importantly however)

Bridgetown developer says tax abatement 'needed'. - If it truly is NEEDED, then it's probable that the entire project is not economically feasible and should be altered or scrapped.

UPDATE:  Tax abatement granted - I'm guessing this type of abatement is OK with our progressive friends. It seems the 'correct' winners are getting selected.

Please return your tray-tables and seat-backs to their upright positions and enjoy your day.

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  1. ** Today's "Pot, meet kettle" award - The idea of Village Voice Houston chastising anyone about the quality of their journalism is funny in and of itself. **

    Hmm, has Connelly provided an update yet on whether that spread his publication did on his wife's "sudden acceleration" -- you remember, the one where she was never identified as having any ties to Village Voice -- helped her win her arbitration case against Toyota?

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure he has not provided that update (although someone removed BH from their blogroll, LOL). So I think I will continue to laugh and mock the former journalist known as Richard Connelly every time he feels the need to criticize other media outlets. Glass houses, Connelly! LOL

    Seriously though, just in case Connelly deigns to visit one of Houston's best media blogs, a question: Even though the most anyone has found on the Prius is that some floor mats could get caught in the gas pedal, did that article help you two squeeze some cash out of Toyota via arbitration or other means? Readers still care! :D


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