Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Short haul flights (05/16/2012)

So much to talk about so little time.....

Galveston bungles election. - And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Interesting that a LOT of Democratic incumbents were those that were damaged by this.)

In which ChronBlog discovers it's hot in Houston. - Sometimes there's just nothing left to say.

Mayor Parker spends it all and then some in new budget. - She wants to dip into the entirety of the reserve fund.

Today's "Pot, meet kettle" award - The idea of Village Voice Houston chastising anyone about the quality of their journalism is funny in and of itself.

Somewhere, Mostyn is crying. - This is almost like the TWIA spiking the football after a touchdown.

The REAL inconvenient truth. - Not every country is as eager to lose their economic advantages as are the US and the EU.

Ezra Klein continues to amuse us. - At some point someone is going to realize that this guy is just not that bright.

Hear! Hear! - This proposal has the No Upgrades 100% support.

Why Greece matters. - And why there's precious little the US can do about it.

What?!? You mean the Tea Party fish aren't doing what they said? - You could knock me over with a feather.

W. sounding more presidential than ever. - His (mostly) silence speaks volumes, and proves him 10 times the statesman of the current WH occupant.

How you like us now? - Suddenly the Obama administration has a come to Jesus moment on clean coal. Funny how some bad polling numbers will do that.

As goes Texas, so goes Wisconsin - Rhetoric to the contrary the DNC is going to have to pick their battles this election cycle.

Anything you can do I can do better. - Remember when Obama was bemoaning Super PAC's as the death knell of democracy?

I'm mad too Barack - Obama campaign hearing that more and more from the middle.

Here come the anti-incumbent fighters. - It will be interesting to see if this group has much success. As a whole, people hate Congress, but LOVE their Congressmen.

Nope, still not a fan of "fact check" journalism. - It's lazy, and the "facts" are often heavily weighted by the opinion of the fact-checker.  Politifarce indeed.

And finally....(probably most importantly however)

Bridgetown developer says tax abatement 'needed'. - If it truly is NEEDED, then it's probable that the entire project is not economically feasible and should be altered or scrapped.

UPDATE:  Tax abatement granted - I'm guessing this type of abatement is OK with our progressive friends. It seems the 'correct' winners are getting selected.

Please return your tray-tables and seat-backs to their upright positions and enjoy your day.

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