Tuesday, May 29, 2012

US Senate Election Day Meme:

I've seen this pop up from time to time today, most recently in the comments to this story.

Let Cruz run for some office locally and get some kind of record we can analyze.

Obama is also a baby boomer with enthusiasm. A little experience is a good thing and Cruz will benefit by getting some before he runs for a major office

I understand this line of reasoning because I've used it before.  Most notably as justification against a vote for Barbara Ann Radnofsky, Glenn Addison and Lela Pittenger.  In these cases however the candidates in question were clearly not yet ready to run, fund and be competitive in a Statewide campaign.  Unfortunately, Radnofsky overreached once too often and is now probably facing the reality that her too-high sites have ended a political career.  Any further runs draw her directly into the perennial candidate discussion. (See: Chris Bell)  Addison and Pittenger have only ran and lost (C'mon, they're not going to win) once so there's still time for them to regroup in the next election cycle and set their sites appropriately.

Ted Cruz however has held an (unelected) State-wide position as Texas Solicitor General, he's known inside Texas Republican circles and he's shown the ability to fund-raise.  All of these things the previous three candidates lacked.  In short, I don't think this attack applies here.

I realize that Dewhurst would have us believe that the commenters in question are NOT campaign staffers but c'mon.  It's a little too obvious seeing the same idea germinate independently. 

It's not as bad as his "amnesty", borderline racist attack I'll give you that, but it still doesn't make any sense.

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