Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adventures in identification

State Leaders tell agencies to ask for no more money. Robert T. Garrett, Dallas Morning News

“This isn’t that different from what they were told two years ago, and it ended up being pretty devastating,” said Eva DeLuna Castro, budget analyst for the center-left Center for Public Policy Priorities.

"Center Left"?

You'll struggle to find a policy think-tank further to the left of the CPPP. It's a Colorado Model Progressive think-tank with strongly stated leftist goals.

I say this not as a policy judgement, but as a counterbalance to some dodgy identification by a MSM outlet.  I wonder if Garrett and the DMN would consider the Heritage Foundation to be "center-right"?  Because CPPP is at least as far to the left as HF is to the right, if not slightly more so.

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