Friday, May 11, 2012

Wheels down

Always fun flying around a weather front......

Quick business trip over. Back in town until next weekend when I'm off again.

In the interim, a fresh set of stuff to ponder.

Fight Brewing over O'Hare and Parallels with Intercontinental, Stephen Seagraves, - In which Stephen offers some much needed counter-balance to some of the more fanciful rhetoric surrounding the HOU/IAH issue. Good read. (Worth some time pondering because it discusses DEN, a real option that the 'm-word' pro-Southwest clan has missed.)

Former Chronicle Reporter Claims Discrimination, - Kyrie "MeMo" O'Connor must be thrilled that this ex-employee of hers is raising this kind of stink. (Alternate headline: Former reporter/stripper accuses Chronicle of waging 'war on women')

Rumors about UT President's Job Spread Online, Joe Holley, - The 'rumors' were started by "Texas bestest political reporter" running prematurely with an unsubstantiated rumor. As things progress it appears that Mr. Burka is going to have considerable egg on his face but, in true reporter fashion, He's doubling down. (Addendum: The question now is this: If Burka is considered the best political reporter in the State, what does this tell us about the sorry state of political reporting in Texas?)

Speaking of sorry reporting: One day after President Obama's controversial switch on Gay Marriage, The Washington Post issued an unflattering report on Romney's childhood antics that portray the candidate as anti-gay. The problem? The story is not standing up to scrutiny and is looking flimsier with each passing hour. The take-away from this is that news media outlets do work with oppo research teams and time stories to have the desired effect. Quite often it doesn't matter if the story in question is correct or not. In this case, based on what is looking like an erroneous story, Romney is already being shredded. How sad that it could be for something he didn't do. (At a minimum, you'd think the call would be for more research but, in this case, it's all hands on deck and guns ready as the Obama campaign team ramps up the troops.)

Chevron's Brazil Spill Shows Drillers Still Trip in Crises, Bloomberg via Fuel Fix at - On the contrary, everything that Chevron did in this situation was correct, until those who aren't concerned about correct got in on the game and waged a war of environmental terror against the company. Yes, they didn't respond well to that. However, given the current mindset of global ecomentalists I would argue it's impossible to respond "correctly" to them. (The only "correct" responses being that you're going to suspend all operations, fire all of your employees and stop exploring and drilling altogether or that you're turning over all operations to the government. The problem is not oil and gas exploration, it's PRIVATE oil and gas exploration.)

Say this about Obama's Biden-forced gay marriage epiphany, It's given the Left an issue that's not the economy.

The Power of Marriage, Emily Deprang, Texas Observer
The Out Candidate, Kuffer, Off the Kuff,
 4 openly gay candidates seek Texas House Seats, Daniel Williams, Dallas Voice

The true test will not be who's running, but who wins. Is America evolved enough on these issues to actually elect several LBGT candidates to office? In Texas, I'm not so sure. (The bigger issue is whether or not this will distract enough from the economy to provide Obama with a boost. I think no, because it's all going to come down to how the economy is doing in November)

Good to be back.

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