Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wheels up.

No, the blog isn't going on hiatus (I just took it off hiatus after all) but posting could be spotty for the next few weeks due to business/personal travel. 

Until then, I'll try to keep abreast of things on my Diigo page so, if you're interested I'll be trying to keep that going.  The Diigo feed is a good thing if you're interested in short takes on a lot of articles (rather than a longer-form blog post) and it's where I try shuffle and sort most of the days news.

In the interim, it seems that the United/Southwest kerfuffle has all but been decided, if you still think there's any way the City is NOT going to approve Southwest's request here's some more of the back-and-forth: (and various and assorted other quick links)

Tori Gattis is pro Southwest.

Stephan Seagraves is pro-United

The City Attorney weighs in on Southwest's side.

Remember when correlation didn't equal to causation? - Of course, you'd also have to remember when the scientific method was meaningful in science.

The comments to this editorial are why I don't write about education any more. - Everyone thinks they know the answers and, if you're answer is different then there's they say you just don't understand the issue.  Education in Texas is rapidly turning into a circular firing squad with the children in the middle.

US SENATOR: It could be Dewhurst w/o a run-off. - THAT would anger a lot of tea party groups.

Patrick vs. Carona - You know you've failed if you've made State Sen. Zaffrini look like the calm, rational participant.  My State Senator continues to embarrass.  Unfortunately, given the political make-up of our district, there's no way he gets primaried out.

Next they'll be demanding we take off our underwear. - Just you wait.  The TSA will overreact to this in time.

Today's election tempest in a teapot. - The problem that Obama has here is that he's spent the last few months trying desperately to convince anyone that the "wealthy" (read: those making over $100K/yr) are somehow un-American.

Are Airfares getting more expensive?  The answer might surprise you.

This is a good trip report. - Keep it in mind because I'm going to try a similar trip report on a rather mundane business trip....in coach.  Not because you don't know it by now, but b/c I think it will be funny to see the stark differences.

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