Monday, August 27, 2012

Short Haul Flights (08/27/2012)

Includes a lot of things I missed while in Alaska.....

USADA has been after Lance for years. - They finally got their man, never mind that they ignored due process and the rule of law to do so.

The Agenda 21 nut-jobs now have a National face. - Maybe they can recruit Craig James?

Taxpayer funds to downtown developers to build homes for the well-off. - The Houston Way.

Randy Travis is either melting down or he has a new album coming out soon. - I haven't heard anything on the latter so I'm assuming the former.

You see, weather is a system. - Not just a series of single events.  The problem with the AGW nuts is that they don't understand this.

The voice of Sesame Street's Count passed away.

Neil Armstrong passed away.

One man helped teach a generation to count, the other inspired Millions of people to dream.  RIP to them both.

The debate over airlines and dress codes. - Airlines should be able to enforce them, but they should also be required to clearly spell out what is acceptable and what is not. It should not be arbitrary.

Samsung cribbed ideas from Apple. - OK then. (Still not buying an Apple device)

Houston Democrats gone wild. - In what could be the funniest story of the local election news cycle.

So much for Berger being "non-alarmist" - This guy is worse than the real meteorologists on TV.

Free Texas Prostitutes! - I can't see that being an election-year battle cry, but you never know.

Perry Derangement Syndrome continues. - Let me help the political writers at the Chron here for a second.  Perry lost to Romney, it makes sense that the actual candidate for office get the majority of the attention, not the people who lost to him.  Hope that helps.

The case against Chip and Pin technology in credit cards. - It's a case I agree with, especially on the consumer protection front.

Why, even lowest tier, elite status still matters. - I wrote a post similar to this a few weeks ago, although I don't think the reasons to remain loyal are as many as this writer. (There are a few advantages however)  I also think the cards will continue to gain ground on elite status because it's so profitable to the airlines.

When the Houston Press criticizes anyone on thier falling journalism standards.  - Hilarity ensues.

Sadler to Cruz: Go back to Canada. - Leave it to the Newsish Texas Tribune to "break" a non-story from an unserious candidate.  Or, why it always helps to know your friendly news outlets.

Ron Paul Supporters are angry. - In related news, hurricanes have strong winds.  If this is the biggest scandal you can find.....

And finally.....

The Chron's former teen columnist decides to whine. - A LOT.  In a real newspaper she'd be a staff reporter, at the wreck that is the Chron she's given a byline.  This concludes this week's "our newspaper sucks" rant.

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