Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Short Haul Flights (08/28/2012)

Still trying to catch up from last weekends travel......

Remember my post about how credit card referrals were damaging travel blogs?  I offer the following into evidence:

View From the Wing 1
View From the Wing 2

One Mile at a Time 1
One Mile at a Time 2

In both cases the bloggers in question devoted more than 1/2 their daily blogging output to credit card referral deals.  They're both averaging 2 credit cards posts for 1 travel post.  The natives are starting to get restless.

Besides being a thinly veiled outlet for advocacy journalism, one of the complaints against the Texas Tribune is that they are too Austin focused.  I'm not sure about that since they are a political reporting operation, but they sure do love them some Texas Longhorns.

Romney's big mistake was not making a birther joke, it was assuming that anyone on the left has a sense of humor.

Yes, Please, Please, Please draft Cecile Richards - Because what the Texas Democrats really need to do to show the State they are in line with their values is to nominate someone slightly to the left of Ralph Nader. Either the Texas Dems are happy with their plucky underdog status or they really don't get it. (I'm betting on the latter)

Speaking of the fringe left, David Crossley has finally wandered so far off the reservation that even Kuffer can't follow him.  What you have lining up against the Metro referendum are all of the right enemies to have.  Given that a "yes" vote is a good idea.  Maybe this little snit-fit will cause Mayor Parker to reconsider some of her Metro board choices and make some serious replacements but I'm not holding my breath.

Apparently, the only things you need to know about Michael Williams is that he's pro voucher and previously was an elected chairman of the Texas Railroad commission. The fact that both of his parents were educators, and that he has a resume full of education experience that makes him qualified for the job, is only something one in Texas' lockstep political media would choose to report on were he of a more mainstream (read: liberal) frame of mind toward education issues.

So, the RNC protesters don't like Texas. This makes sense when you consider the Occupy and Code Pink movements don't like to have anything to do with anything that's remotely successful, including their own groups.  Which is why they're dressing up as vaginas and had such a crime problem in their public park sit-ins.

And finally.....

So, you're a member of the media and you're not invited to a RNC delegate party.  What to do?  If you're one reporting member of Texas' lockstep political media the answer to that question is to make up a laundry list of things you imagine they might do and then suggest that surely they wouldn't, and then use that as the basis for your story.  Yes, this is how far Texas political reporting has devolved over the last several years.

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