Thursday, October 18, 2012

It sure sounds fun

But it's really not.

One thing I've learned in travelling to different places is that names can often be deceiving.

Case in point:

The Red Monkey - Old San Juan
The Red Monkey is not a BAD bar, it's just not a special bar in any way.  they have a clever name and the logo on the building is cute, but there are dozens of little watering holes throughout Old San Juan with freer pours.

SeƱor Frog's - For some reason, this place is popular with tourists.  In reality it's a dive bar with corporate (read, weak) drinks and sub-par food.  Too much noise as well.  (although the DJ was good)

Casino de Madrid
Possibly the most boring place I visited in Madrid.  Now, granted, having some knowledge of the history of the place I knew going in that it wasn't an actual "casino", more of a social club for old, rich Spanish Gentlemen to gripe that the Empire ain't what it used to be but still.

Texas Embassy - Bad Tex-Mex, watered down Margaritas and a staff that's too damn London cool to care.  If you're visiting London and you're from Texas you might stop by and take a picture or two, but pass on eating there.  It's better not to.

I think the key, in most cases, is to stay away from places with names that are too cute, too obvious.  There's too much to see out in the world that doesn't involve a monkey in a martini glass, make sure you don't miss it.

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