Monday, October 15, 2012

US Airways: Dine Fresh!

For an upcoming trip to Rome in US Airways coach (oh boy) I received the following invitation to up my dining experience:
Dine Fresh e-mail.
Click on the image above to enlarge.

That's right, for just $19.99 I can make my selection from the following menu options:

Forgive my lack of enthusiasm but, as you can see from above.  I'm really only given two options, both are chilled, and neither sounds very appetizing to me in a cold state.  Cold chicken? Cold tortellini?

After security in PHL I have the following options all of which sound better (and cheaper) than that.

Famous Pizza (OK, I'm not planning on eating airport Italian before I get to Rome)
Philly cheese-steaks

I've got plenty of time on my layover to purchase a meal and save myself the gastronomical adventure that is US Airways coach meal service.

I'm buying a cheese-steak sandwich, and some Chik-fil-a for breakfast.  I'm going to have a couple of hours to kill in PHL so I think I'll pass.

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