Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Die!!! Gun-Owner (figuratively)

There have been multiple examples of instant, on-line meltdowns that immediately send the originator back-pedaling faster than an Akin endorser.  Ashton Kutcher (not a smart man obviously) has had several, athletes get in trouble all the time for silly things, and have you seen any of Anthony Weiner on social media these days?

Typically the items people go red-faced over are stupid comments made in the heat of the moment after one tragedy or another has inundated the news, for Eddie Nimibutr, this was the case and I'm guessing his business is going to be severely depressed for a while because of it.  Apparently he's seeking business survival advice from the Almighty which is probably not a bad idea.

In Houston, we had our own Lone Ranger running through the streets on a rhetorical Silver.  Former Hatch Act violator John Cobarruvias (always full of wit) is at it again.  This time he's decided that all members of the NRA should die a most horrible death. At least, that's what he tweeted in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting:

h/t to Rhymes with Right for the image (linked above)
According to KTRK reporter Deborah Wrigley, Cobarruvias says that "it's just his personal opinion" and that "it wasn't a death threat".  What he never did say was that he's sorry for saying it (not even the fake-apology of "I'm sorry if anyone was offended") or that he really didn't mean it.

That's all well and good and really I don't care much about the ramblings of one very angry member of the Texas Democratic leadership team spleen-venting on Twitter. What does concern me is the lack of thought that went into this rant, and so I guess it falls to me to, once again, provide Texas Democrats with a little bit of free advice.

A lot of gun owners have money.  A lot of NRA members, and their defenders, have money.  Shooting them, ignoring the fact that they have most of the guns and that would be difficult, is going to make a mess of the President's idea to "tax the wealthy so they pay their fair share."  I'm sorry but it just is.  Now, there's the argument that the Fed would receive a temporary bump due to increases in the death tax, but that would be fleeting and would put us right back in the same financial hole we currently find ourselves, but with far fewer of the wealthy hanging around that you folks like to demonize.

Therefore, in the future, I would advise that you go way back to a John Cobarruvias classic and just threaten to stick your size 9's so far up their hind-quarters they smell Desonex for a week.

Problem solved.  Cobarruvias would still look like an angry idiot, Texas Democrats would still be substituting hollow threats of violence for actual policy, and Obama would still have in place his plan for economic "fairness".

It's a win-win really.

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