Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's BadMedia week in Texas one gathers. (A non-listicle, listicle)

Texas Lock Step Political Media is on a roll....

Sheila Jackson-Lee takes on Ted Cruz on Gun Control. Joanna Raines, Texas on the Potomac

Jackson Lee is asking the senators to back down. At a planned Thursday press conference, she will call on the lawmakers to refrain from a filibuster. Jackson Lee is expected to advocate for “common-sense steps” to end gun violence.

Call it me, but holding a press conference and attempting to dictate strategy to the other chamber is not "taking on".  It's just bluster.  That this is going to have no effect at all on the debate is not mentioned in this piece.

New IAH Terminal will include high-profile chefs' restaurants. Erin Mulvaney,

There's too much wrong in this story to even start quoting errors.  Tough read with factual errors.

Democrats, Families, Hospitals plead for enlarged Medicaid, Robert T. Garrett, Trail Blazers Blog

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said it’s unacceptable to leave a large bloc of the population relying on safety net hospitals’ emergency rooms for care when their maladies could receive earlier attention and treatment.
“Do we want to insure the 1.5 million uninsured Texans that need this primary care and are eligible under the expansion population?” he said. “It’s time to put politics aside and stand up to the extremist factions of political parties and work together on the local, state and federal level to find a plan that fits the unique needs of struggling Texans and expands our Texas economy.”

Perry, Cornyn, Cruz assail Medicaid expansion as unwise. Robert T. Garrett, Trail Blazers Blog

“Texas will not be participating in Medicaid expansion,” Perry said at a Capitol news conference.
He was flanked by top state and federal officials; two doctors wearing lab coats; and leaders of several anti-tax groups, which help re-enforce the Legislature’s conservative fiscal leanings by encouraging people to oppose incumbent lawmakers who defy the groups by mounting challenges in Republican primaries.

Interesting how Garrett chose to frame all of this, in two different stories, is it not?

And, in closing, I give you the biggest argument against PolitifarceTx to date:

Mostly false: Perry says only 3 in 10 physicians accepting Medicaid patients. Gardner Selby, PolitifactTx

The 3-in-10 claim, brought to our attention by analyst Anne Dunkelberg of Austin’s liberal-leaning Center for Public Policy Priorities, sounded familiar, especially after spokespeople for Perry and each senator said by email that it was based on a 2012 survey of Texas physicians by the Texas Medical Association.

Preliminary results from the survey figured into one of our fact checks earlier this year.

Final survey results are now compiled, Donna Kinney, the association’s lead researcher, told us by phone. Kinney said the results break out to 32 percent of Texas physicians saying they accept all new Medicaid patients and 42 percent declining all new Medicaid patients--with 26 percent limiting their new Medicaid patients.

Put another way, the final results indicate that about four in 10 Texas physicians decline all new Medicaid patients while about six in 10 accept at least some new patients. "They may accept them only in the emergency room," Kinney speculated. "The limits could be anything."

Early this year, we rated as Mostly True the association’s claim that only 31 percent of Texas physicians accept all new Medicaid patients, compared with 67 percent in 2000. The group’s Twitter post about the figure was missing clarification that the figure came from a survey.

Bad logic, bad writing, BadMedia.

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