Monday, June 3, 2013

Missing the obvious point......

It's always fun to watch the local kiddies harp and moan after big events like last weekend's Free Press Summer Fest. Fortunately, I was disconnected and camping over the weekend so I missed the real-time coverage.

I'm constantly amused by complaints that a. bottled water isn't free or b. it's too expensive, when the festival organizers have water stations available and you're allowed to bring in refillable water bottles at no cost whatsoever.

The best howler however was courtesy of Neph Basedow of the Houston Press "Rock's Off" blog:

Free Press Summer Fest: The Worst things inflicted upon us 2013. Various, Houston Press Rock's Off.

I think water should be cheaper. Actually, I think it should be free for press and media. (There, I said it!)  - Neph Basedow

OK.  Since you said that, I'll say this:  If you're writing for the Houston Press "Rock's off" blog you're neither press nor media, you're a blogger.  A paid blogger maybe (putting you one rung higher than me on the blogosphere ladder) but a blogger nevertheless.

(There, I said it!)

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