Monday, June 3, 2013

Snap Review: In n' Out burger: Allen

I finally tried my first burger from In N' Out, the burger chain that has those transplanted from the Western US to Houston sick with depression that it's not available in our fair town.  We stopped at the location in Allen on Hwy 75.

I had the Double Double (w/onions, no fancy off the menu ordering for the first time) with fries and a sweet tea while the wife had a cheeseburger "protein style" due to her Celiac.

The burgers were great, the fries were horrible.  And by horrible I mean soggy, under-fried and strangely wrinkly looking.  Not to mention over-salty despite not appearing to have a lot of salt on the surface.

I did really enjoy the burger however, as did my wife, who appreciated the several layers of lettuce substituting for the bun.

The place was clean and the staff were friendly, overall it was a good place for an early dinner*.

Just skip the fries.

*overall I still prefer Whataburger for overall taste, especially their ketchup and fries.  The burgers were about even though although I do like how much easier it is to customize under the orange and white roofs.

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