Sunday, March 16, 2014

Change is good (again)

As anyone who has followed my blogging for any period of time knows, I change everything frequently.

Today's change involves revamping No Upgrades into Sharp as a Marble, which is going to be my sports/sports betting/horse racing/stuff blog as Your Drink Order Please moves to more of a political/issues blog, basically returning me to my blogging roots.

I'm doing this in conjunction with a change to my Twitter feeds where I've now created two accounts.

The first account BlogAwful will be my primary account and will continue to pull from NoUpgrades and my Pinboard feed.

The second account SportsAwful will pull from this blog and will be sports/sports betting/horse racing/other stuff.

For now I'm keeping the travel stuff over on the other side, reserving this for sports and gaming.

One thing, I'm very excited about both of my current blogs and expect them to be around for a long time (this time, I promise)

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