Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NIT Lines

Courtesy of BetOnline.ag

Albany (-2) vs. Mt. St. Mary's (139.5)** - I like Mt St. Mary's here and the over.

Alabama St vs. Sam Houston (-9.5)  (143.5) - The line is large, but I think SHSU is going to wipe the floor with ASU.  And I'll take the under.

Columbia vs. Valparaiso (-3.5) (130) - Huge Valpo lean here, plus the over.

VMI vs. Canisius (169) Under play only. The line feels right.

The NIT provides more opening round mis-matches than does March Madness. Plus, the lines makers are unfamiliar with some of the smaller teams so you're more likely to find an 'off' line.  Were I in Vegas tonight I'd be laying on all four of these games.  Probably one unit each except for the Valpo game where I'd risk more.

Good luck if you're gambling and remember, this advice is worth exactly what you paid for it.*

*Note: I am not a professional bettor, nor do I charge for my gambling "advice".  These are just the way I see things and how I would bet it were I in a state where gambling is legal.  If you follow this advice and lose money, you've been warned.

**OK and one play-in game

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