Monday, March 31, 2014

How NOT to do a mock-draft story.

Leave it to the Houston Chronicle.

In a blatant effort to drive up page views the Chron has, once again, presented John McClain's mock draft in slide-show form.

The kicker?

Because the Texans have the number one pick the slides go from 32-1 in reverse order instead of starting at 1 (as most do).  This means that the user will have to click through 32 picks to get to the Texans pick at one.

Not that any mock draft means anything, but c'mon.

As for the Texans pick?

McClain thinks they'll grab Bortles. 

I'm not so sure as I think they still might trade down and take a QB in the later rounds.  That way they can start Ryan Fitzpatrick while the new Texan acts as an understudy until QB guru (where have we heard that before?) O'Brien can mold him in his fashion.

Still, it's all just guess-work at this point and I will say that McClain probably has more information than I so he could be correct.

Texans fans won't like it, but it sure will make the under bet for the season look tempting.

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