Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The 2014 UH Men's Football Schedule is a snoozer.

Cougars Schedule

DateOpposing TeamTime or Final Score
courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

Whatever your rooting interest for the city's namesake University I see little on this list that draws much interest at all.

I guess SMU is the rival now but wow that schedule is weak.  At BYU and against UCF at home are the only two games that would draw any potential interest at all outside of the respective alumni bases.

Anything less than 10-2 and it could be argued that Tony Levine isn't getting the job done.

From a betting perspective I would imagine that UH will be very large favorites in every game except for the aforementioned two, and possibly Cincinnati if they're any good under Tuberville (which is not a given)

The Amway Conference is looking to be a very good from a basketball point of view, but it's sure looking weak from a football perspective.

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