Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Rockets Question that has yet to be asked (by the media anyway)

After Damien Lillard pierced the heart of Houston sports fans the excuse making by the media began.

"It wasn't McHale's fault" they tell us because the Rockets were told 'no threes' in the huddle right before Lillard shot himself to super-star status.  Today, Jerome Solomon wrote a column that seemingly asked for participation medals to be handed out across the board, you know, lest someone get offended and a scribe lose access to the team.

It already appears that the curious condition of Houston teams that prohibit them from looking deep within will continue as it seems the decision to bring McHale back next year has already been made.

This is too bad because I still haven't seen anyone ask the question of McHale that needs to be asked. Namely, what in the world was Harden doing on the court during the last .9 seconds when the situation obviously called for defense?

That Harden is one of the worst defensive players in the league is beyond a doubt. I've said here before that I view him as an ideal sixth man, but not as a "star" or a team leader. The leader of the Rockets is Dwight Howard, he did everything that could have been asked of him during this series.

The fact is Harden should have been on the bench during the end of the game, and then we probably wouldn't be asking why he made the decision to put Chandler on the much-quicker Lillard.  However, in true Houston sports style we've already decided that McHale is coming back to right the ship.  The real problem is there's not an understanding of why it's taking on water.

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