Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wagering Tidbits: American Football and Football

First off, it's football, not fútbol as American media outlets try and call it when they're trying to act knowledgeable.  Now, if you're speaking in Spanish, or another Latin-American dialect then yes,  fútbol would be correct. If you're speaking the Queen's English then you can call it footy.  Otherwise, stick with soccer folks.  It doesn't make you sound any more worldly when you call it otherwise.

Now, on a couple of upcoming bets that I'll be laying down on an upcoming trip to Vegas.

1. NFL Futures Bet: Texans Win total O/U 7 1/2 - I'm betting the under here because I still don't think the Texans have the QB play to contend. I also think there are still several holes in this roster that have not been addressed and will not be for a couple of years.  Given the team's management DNA I wouldn't expect them to break even until next year.

2. World Cup: To win: Germany @ 5-1 - I think Germany is the best team in this year's World Cup, but I think playing in Brazil is going to make it harder for everyone not wearing yellow blue and green. That said, I still like the Germans.

There are a ton of individual games that I'll be looking at, but I'm not ready to jump on them now.

That said, today's match between Brazil and Croatia looks strong for Brazil winning both the first and second halves (-125) although the overall line (Brazil -325) is a pass.  I also like Brazil to score more than three goals (7/4 odds per the link at William Hill but [sadly] not offered in Vegas) so the line of -110 for OVER 2.5 is very, very tempting.

Good luck and enjoy the matches.

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