Thursday, September 4, 2014

10 Games: Week 2 (Hoping for a bounce-back)

Complete with two bonus picks this week (not counted in the Stats) since the UH game has no line and well, Michigan.

1. Kansas St (-12) vs Iowa St - I think the score here will be whatever Snyder wants it to be. Iowa State is awful.  KSU 42 ISU 7

2. University of Southern California vs. Stanford (-3) - At the Farm, I normally take Stanford, but I've a feeling this USC team is going to be a little bit different than prior years. USC 27 Stanford 25

3. Michigan State vs. Oregon (-14) - Everyone loves the Ducks. I like the Spartan defense. We'll see who's correct. MSU 27 Oregon 30

4. Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State University (-11) - I think OSU is going to continue to struggle mightily VT 17 OSU 24

5. Brigham Young University vs. Texas (-3.5) - There's no David Ash, which could hurt the Longhorns chances. Last year BYU blew them out. I think they'll be more competitive this year. BYU 27 UT 21

6. Air Force (-2.5) vs. Wyoming - Two mediocre teams really. AF 31 Wyoming 35

7. Colorado State vs. Boise State (-10.5) - Boise is a myth this year, Colorado State is not. At least, I think that's how it's going to go. CSU 27 BSU 17

8. Washington State (-4) vs. Nevada  - I'm having a hard time picking WSU for anything considering their dismal state at QB. WSU 28 Nevada 34

9. Arizona (-7) vs. UTSA - Yes, the Roadrunners looked good against Houston, but that was the pitiful Cougars. Arizona is a good team this year.  AU 56 UTSA 20

10. Southern Methodist University vs. North Texas (-2)  - I understand they were playing a better Texas team but a shut out?  SMU is leaking water.....  SMU 10 UNT 35

Bonus picks:

University of Houston vs. Grambling State (No line)  - The 2nd game at TDECU Stadium cannot possibly go any worse than the first right?  Right?  I don't think there's any way UH could possibly lose to this school but Oh Lord if they do.  UH 35 GSU 17

The (2nd) Big game of the week: (Even I'll admit Michigan St./Oregon is the game to watch)

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4) - Closing out the rivalry under the lights with Touchdown Jesus looking on?  Count me in for that as must-watch TV.  Both teams humbled lesser, marginal FBS programs in week one but now have to think that this will be their coming out party. Notre Dame is ranked around 16th and Michigan is among "others receiving votes".  That said I think the teams are pretty equal.  I have no basis for this pick other than that I'm a Wolverine fan....

Go Blue 42 Notre Dame 38

Here's to a game fitting of a series ender.

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