Monday, January 12, 2015

College Football: Thoughts on the (first) College Football Playoff Championship Game.

By the end of the evening we're going to know two things:

1. Who the Football Bowl Subdivision Football champion is for 2014-2015

2. Whether or not Chris Fowler is up to the task of calling a major championship game.

While I've had a mixed record this year I did at least predict two of the eventual CFP participants and one of the teams in the championship game which is in-line with my theory that blind luck gets you close to 50% so I'm happy with that.

That said I think the game (Oregon [-7] vs. Ohio State) has a chance to be very competitive and could go the way of the underdogs. I think Urban Meyer is one of the best coaches in college football today and I think, if anyone, he is the coach who can untangle Oregon's hyperspeed offense.

Despite my optimism regarding Ohio State it is dampened a bit by the fact that I still feel Alabama (and the entire SEC) was overrated this year. Hence the reason I didn't pick Bama to be in the playoff this year. Fortunately for Alabama, it turns out that South Carolina and everyone of the SEC teams was worse than I expected as well.

Taking all of that into consideration.....and without further ado.......

Oregon 37 Ohio State 34

Either way I think it's going to be an exciting game,

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