Monday, April 6, 2015

NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game

Current Odds:  Wisconsin (-1) [Game opened as a pick 'em]

I realize that I've taken a few months off from this blog, partially due to health reasons (neck surgery) and partially due to just some normal time off from College Football that I usually take every year.

If you're one of my one (or two) regular readers however fret not. The blog with the most mediocre sports takes in the business is back, and I'm planning to lay out some fairly serious baseball and NFL draft analysis in the coming months.

First though, the game tonight.

While Wisconsin is the trendy pick I'm leaning toward Duke in this game because they are currently playing a stellar brand of basketball.  They haven't won a tournament game by less than 15 points and they steam-rolled a very good Michigan State team.

Yes, I'm aware that Wisconsin beat the unbeatable Kentucky and I, like most, kept starting at the television at the sports bar wondering when in the hell the Wildcats were going to realize they were more athletic than the Badgers. It never happened, Kaminsky is a very good College basketball player and, in the end, I think we got the match-up that we should have after what was a pretty solid, if unremarkable, tournament.

That said I think that Duke has the coaching edge as well as a huge edge in overall team athleticism. Against Kentucky I think Wisconsin had the edge in coaching, but was facing a much more athletic team in the Wildcats.

Without further ado......

Duke: 65  Wisconsin: 61

At the end of the day men's college basketball teams still need to learn how to score.

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