Tuesday, August 11, 2015

College Football Conference by Conference: One change. (08/11/2015)

Quick post on Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame:

When I first reviewed this game I mistook that it was being played in Atlanta.  After a second look I see that it is in fact being played in South Bend.  Because of that I am changing my call on this game and selecting Notre Dame as the winner.

This changes the two school's predicted finish as follows:

Notre Dame   10 - 2

Georgia Tech  9 - 3  (Still 7-1 Conference)

I predict this will move Notre Dame up to sixth in the final rankings.  If TCU falls however, I could envision a scenario where they jump Virginia Tech and land the 4th CFP spot.

At that point they will be summarily demolished by Ohio State in the National semi-final on New Year's Eve.

I'm also taking a hard look at Texas aTm's schedule because I think 5-7 is low for them.  Maybe I revise it possibly not.

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