Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NFL Season Preview: Changes to predictions based on new information (08/11/2015) - UPDATED

A LOT of injury and new information has me re-evaluating (as I said would happen, and making the following changes.....

AFC South: (Downward revision to Texans record)

After the injury to Arian Foster, and the appearance that he will be on the shelf for quite some time) I now have the Division rated as follows.....

1. Indianapolis  14 - 2 (No changes)
2. Houston  6 - 10 (2 games downward revision)
3. Tennessee 4 - 12 (1 game downward revision)
4. Jacksonville 3 - 13 (1 game downward revision)

While it's true the Texans have an easy schedule, I had to take away two wins (over Mimi and Buffalo) due to the fact that Foster will be on the shelf for those games and I just don't see them scoring against NFL caliber defenses all that much.

AFC East: (Mass shake-up)

I took another look at the Dolphin's roster, since my initial impression of it seemed to be way more negative than most every other pundit, and I made the following changes.

1. New England  13 - 3 (No changes)
2. Miami  9 - 7 (6 game upward revision - 1st team out of playoffs)
3. NY Jets 7 - 9 (2 game downward revision)
4. Buffalo 6 - 10 (1 game downward revision)

For now, I think Miami is a much better team than I originally gave them credit for. I'm still not a fan of head coach Philbin, and I think that 9-7 is this team's ceiling, but I do think they'll be better than what I first thought.

There are some other minor record tweaks but nothing that shakes up the standings that I originally posted. My playoff teams stay the same as do my results.

Hard Knocks is tonight, where I think we will begin to see just how big of a mess the Texans are on offense right now.

Update: Apparently Geno Smith is out for 6-10 weeks after being sucker punched in the locker room by a teammate.

I have already downgraded the Jets, I'm not sure if I'll downgrade them further at this point.

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