Monday, September 14, 2015

College Football: My horrible, awful, very bad week.

After last Saturday, and then Sunday, with my NFL fantasy results, I can safely say that (this week) I know nothing about football. As I sat in my hotel room with the wife Saturday night and watched the scores roll by I knew I was in for a rough week.  Then, when BYU hit a 2nd consecutive Hail Joseph to pull out a victory over Boise St. I knew I was just flat out screwed.

The carnage?  0-5 ATS and a pathetic 3-2 SU.  This lowers my early season standings to 3-7 ATS and only 7-3 SU.  It got worse when I checked my NFL fantasy and saw that I went 0-4 (pending) and the Texans came out and looked like crap.  All that I need to complete the weekend of suck is a 49ers humiliation tonight.

It happens.  One thing that people don't say about sports betting is that picking winners is not a science.  You can run all of the numbers and have confidence in your picks and then the games get played.  All that said, I can't remember a week where I've gone 0-fer, which makes me re-evaluate things this time around.

The good thing about football is that, for the most part, you have a next week. Which I, fortunately do. I also realize that, by just picking 5 games, I'm limiting myself. This is not something I would do were I betting in Vegas. I'd have flexibility up until before kick-off to watch the lines move etc.  The good news is the goal, proving that you can, with just a little bit of preparation and knowledge, finish a season over 50%, is still in play*.

Week 3 will be better. One thing's for sure, it can't get any worse.

*Again, remember the goal here. I'm not selling you picks and I'm hoping that you don't put any stock into any of this. I'm not a professional gambler, I'm an accountant who likes to wager some coin when I'm in Vegas.  I also think that tout services are overpriced and unnecessary for the typical sports better. Only a select few consistently beat the books.  And it's very hard for them to get any action down.  Just read these for enjoyment, because that's all I'm doing it for.


  1. Watch out. You're trending toward John McClain territory in regard to your record.

  2. If I have another week like that I might be looking to him for help.

    It was awful. Then the BYU/Boise State end of the game? Ugh.


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