Monday, September 14, 2015

NFL: Beware the Week 1 overreactions.

I mean. ($$$)

It's a little sad that the Chron charges readers for this, because it is on the same level that Texans fans will be able to hear on sports call-in shows from guys who watched the game in a fog of cheap beer.

I didn't watch the game so I'm not going to take a position on who should be the Texans starting quarterback in week 2, either way.  But what I do know is this: There is a BIG difference between starting an NFL game and coming in with 6:00 to go, your team down 27-9 and leading your team on two scoring drives.  A BIG difference.

From what I hear the first INT by Hoyer was, despite what the team is saying, his fault. I haven't seen the film for the game so I'm unsure about the other plays (the fumble and the 2nd INT). But I don't think I would be too concerned if I did.

No matter what happens, we just finished game 1 of a 16 game season. The Texans were playing against a team that I have slated to make the playoffs. The Chiefs have one of the best pass-rushers in the game, a strong defense from top to bottom, a talent infusion at WR and a RB who's among the best in the league. Nevermind a TE who's on the verge of being elite in Kelce.  The Texans have only one of those things right now.  And they're less talented overall than the Chiefs to boot.

It also appears that Houston is less talented in the sports writing department as well. A loss to a playoff caliber team is not a sign that the world is coming to an end. Nor would a loss next week to Carolina. But we're already seeing words like "debacle" and "disgrace" to define the week one result, which implies that a lot of local pundits think the Texans are much better than they are.

For the Texans to ever become a playoff contender they need an infusion of talent.  At QB, at OL, at RB, at WR, at LB at S and at CB.  Everywhere else, they're OK.  If you don't understand where I'm going with that.......

Unfortunately, with an owner who's seemingly content to put mediocrity on the field and a GM who appears to have little in the way of moxie, football smarts or input into the player selection process, mediocrity is just about all that Texans fans can hope for.

Still, we've just finished week 1. Let's wait to cut the cord on Hoyer and other starters until we have a better sample size.  A move to Mallett in week 2 would signify someone is panicking.

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