Thursday, December 31, 2015

College Football: A Revision on the Alamo Bowl

By now you've probably heard that TCU Quarterback Trevone Boykin was arrested after a bar fight in San Antonio. Word now is that he, and another starter, have been officially suspended for the game.

Clearly, what I wrote in my original write-up for this game is now out dated.

Valero Alamo Bowl (Sat, Jan 2, 3:45 PM CST)

Oregon @ TCU (-1) [O/U 78.5]
- Maybe the best bowl matchup of the entire bowl season, and I'm including the playoff games.  Both teams score, neither team seems likely to stop the other.  They would have to put the number on this game close to 90 for me to consider the under.  A must watch. Oregon 47 TCU 45.

Given the official change in Boykin's status the lines are in flux, taken off the board in many cases. While I'm not sure what the final odds will be I am sure that TCU will no longer be a slight favorite by kick-off.  Once I find some solid information I'll update it within this post.

So, right now, we have this:

Oregon (-7) @ TCU  [O/U 75]

I will say that my pick is going to change, although I'm unsure how much.  My current plan is to update tomorrow once we get more information.

Regardless of how the lines move what is very clear is that Boykin just cost himself a LOT of money.

Updated:  My pick is the following:  Oregon 52 TCU 17

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