Monday, September 12, 2016

College Football (Week 3): An early look at some intriguing lines.

College Football week two was "supposed" to be awful. Full of on-paper mismatches and games that were predicted to be blowouts. And while it was certainly not week one, it was still entertaining and exciting and provided us with all the fun that we could want for over 17 hours on Saturday.

Week 3 should be better.  Because the line-up of games is outstanding.

That said, taking an early peek at the lines there are some things I see out there which really pique my interest.  Here are a few.

Houston (-7.5) @ Cincinnati. This line is going to need to move toward Cincy for me to be interested, but I think it's a fair representation of how the public views this game right now.

Florida State (-3.5) @ Louisville. The temptation in this game is going to be to take Louisville because they've romped to date. But quality of competition matters, and FSU has had the better of that. I'll be watching this one closely.

New Mexico @ Rutgers (-4). At this point I'm not sure Rutgers should be favored over air. This game will receive strong FIVE consideration.

Miami (-4.5) @ Appalachian State. The fighting Richt's go TO App State to potentially get upset. Watch this one closely.

Oregon @ Nebraska (-3). Maybe the biggest contrast of styles game of the weekend. Lincoln is a hard place to play, and the Huskers seem to be doing well to start the season.

PITT @ Oklahoma State (-6.5). I've got concerns as to whether or not OSU can stop Pitt's rushing attack. But I have equal concerns as to whether or not PITT can stop OSU's passing attack. Good, under the radar, matchup here.

Alabama (-9.5) @ Ole Miss. A big revenge game for Bama, against an Ole Miss team that's talented, but who likes to step on itself from time to time. Angry Saban is my favorite Saban of them all.

ECU @ SC (-4.5). I thought this was a mistake at first. I'm already on this game (at ECU +6) but, due to the rules, can't claim it for the FIVE yet. I just hope the line doesn't move too far toward ECU before Wednesday evening.

La Tech @ Texas Tech (-11.5). With TTech's awful defense I'm unsure if I can ever select them again this year. This is a fade team because they are going to give up points to everyone.

Texas aTm @ Auburn (-4). I'm conflicted here. On the one hand aTm has looked pretty good so far and Auburn has not. On the other hand Auburn is a talented team. But there's a possibility that aTm kills all four Auburn QB's behind that porous line.

Michigan State @ Notre Dame (-7.5). Sparty is down (from last year), but I'm not sure they're more than a touchdown down to the Dome.

Ohio State (-2.5) @ Oklahoma. Game in Norman, OU rebounded and Ohio State has displayed a powerful offense one week, and a killer defense the next. I wouldn't be surprised to see OU go off the slight game-time favorite here.

USC @ Stanford (-6.5). Game played  down on the farm. I think we're going to start to see just how deep the dysfunction at USC really goes here.

UCLA (-3.5) @ BYU. Chosen Rosen is good, but I'm not sure he has much of a team around him. Still, they could have enough to beat a pretty decent Cougar team, but I'm not sure by how much.

Texas (-7.5) @ Cal. The Longhorns are going to tell us in this game if they are real, or not. I think it's the former but I'm taking a wait and see stance on them.

And finally......

Colorado @ Michigan (-19.5). The first "real" test of the season for Big Blue comes in the form of an improved Buffalo team. This game scares me a little because Blue had Penn State and then Wisconsin the two weeks following.

Look for the FIVE on Thursday morning. I'll be selecting from these games.

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