Sunday, September 11, 2016

College Football (Week 2): Even when you're bad, you're good.

Week 2 they told us would suck. It would be horrible, full of blowouts and mismatches and....

OK then.

Even on a week where the schedule is less than amazing on paper college football provided us with amazing finishes, overtime games and the ridiculous in the form of a Hail Mary lateral that never should have happened. FCS schools continued to look good, and win in some cases, against their FBS older brothers, teams we thought were really good might not be so, some teams we thought weren't going to be that good might be, and Kenny Hill Jr. is an idiot.

So, we're right on schedule then, heading into a week 3 schedule that promises to be loaded with big games and even more chaos.

Here are some thoughts on individual games, starting with my FIVE.

1. It was another losing week (2-3, 3-7 overall) for the five, but another week where, overall, I was better than average picking all the games. What this means is that my selections are doing OK, but my method for selecting confidence points is flawed.

Louisville (-15) @ Syracuse. Lamar Jackson is the real deal. This entire Louisville team is pretty good to boot. We're going to find out a LOT about them in week 3, but for now they appear pretty strong.

Texas Tech @ Arizona State (-3). Simply stated, Tech's defense is perhaps the worst I've ever seen. Ever. Ballage for the Devils had 13 touches, and scored 8 touchdowns. You almost have to be trying to allow someone to do that. Kliff Kingsbury is a good offensive coordinator. Unfortunately, for Tech he's their head coach.

Boston College (-17) @ UMass. The most amazing thing here is that BC actually scored some points. I didn't expect UMass to score much, but I did think they could stop an anemic BC offense. I was two points away from being correct.

Ohio @ Kansas (-3) Kansas should never be favored, against anyone. Period.

S. Carolina @ Mississippi State (-7) S.C. is discovering the joy of having Will Muschamp be your head coach. I thought this team should have played MSU close. I forgot that Muschamp can't coach his way out of a paper bag.

Next week should be great, starting on Thursday when UofH has an interesting game with Cincinnati.

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