Monday, February 6, 2017

Thoughts on the Super Bowl from someone who didn't watch it.

Just so you know, I did live up to my raindrop in the ocean protest pledge on Sunday by refusing to tune into the NFL's sort-of football related party in Houston.  Did it matter? Did I accomplish a damn thing?

Of course not.

Because the NFL doesn't care that one guy with a lightly read blog and zero influence decides to tune out, there are 300 and something Million people who tune-in. My refusal to watch was not about the NFL, but about what I chose to support as a sports fan.

So, did I miss arguably the "greatest Super Bowl ever?"


Do I have any regrets?


Because I spent a wonderful weekend with my wife as a guest of the L'auberge du Lac casino and resort in Lake Charles where I, miraculously, ended up about even (+$48 less expenses) for the weekend. I ate some fantastic food (the Ember Steakhouse at L'auberge is the best restaurant, food-wise, for drunk people watching that I've ever seen.) got a nice shave, haircut and (my first ever) pedicure and just generally had a nice time with about 5,000 other Houstonians who decided to flee the chaos for calmer waters.

I even had a positive gambling take-away from the Golden Nugget next door.

But this is, ostensibly, a sports blog and there was a sporting event played last night of historical significance so I did, through the wonder of the Internet, spend some time early this morning perusing video clips and highlights (I thought Lady Gaga did an outstanding job on the halftime show. Also: the commercials sucked) from which I'd like to share a few thoughts.....

1. Tom Brady is terrific, but his supporting cast played good as well.  Especially the Patriots defense who, had a rough start but dominated the Falcons in the 2nd half for the win.  DC Matt Patricia is going to be a hot HC prospect next year methinks.

2. I want a Julio Jones for my team. Even with an injured toe it's obvious how much of a handful this guy is to cover consistently.

3. Every team needs a Julian Edelman as well. His catch has now bested David Tyree as the best catch in Super Bowl history and it's not close.

4. I'm an avowed 49ers fan, and therefore I pledge allegiance to Joe Montana.  Saying all that, Tom Brady is the best NFL quarterback of all time and the argument is not a close one.

5. Roger Gooddell needs to go, but he won't because he's making the owners a ton of money.

6. Josh McDaniels did not have a good game calling plays, and he's not near ready to take another stab at being a Head Coach.  He was, in fact, bailed out by Tom Terrific and New England's bevvy of quick WR's.

7. Think the 49ers are feeling great about Kyle Shanahan today?  Because, as a fan, I'm not. His play-calling in the 2nd half was atrocious, as was pretty much every other decision the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff made.  It still appears that they're going to hire Shanahan as head coach which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the state of the Franchise under Jed York.

8. Funny thought:  Mirroring the College Football Playoff Championship.  Atlanta was Alabama, New England played the role of Clemson last night.  Wrap your head around that one.

9. Final thought:  Evil. Always. Wins. Always.

And now we turn our eyes to College basketball, March Madness, the NBA and hey....pitchers and catchers report in about 8 days.

Glory be.

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