Thursday, August 10, 2017

College Football: Season Preview: Big XII

The more things change.....

The more I think they stay the same.

Conference Standings:
Overall Conference
Teams (No divisions) W L W L
Oklahoma 10 2 8 1
TCU 9 3 7 2
Texas 10 2 7 2
Oklahoma State 9 3 6 3
West Virginia 8 4 6 3
Kansas State 7 5 4 5
Baylor 7 5 4 5
Texas Tech 3 9 2 7
Iowa State 2 10 1 8
Kansas 1 11 0 9
Bowl Teams: 7
CFP: None
Big Six Oklahoma, Texas
CFP 2: None
Big Six 2: None
Others: TCU
Oklahoma State
West Virginia
Kansas State
Most Underrated: Texas
Most Overrated: Baylor
Coaches on Hot Seat: Oklahoma State
West Virginia
Texas Tech

Yes, I have Oklahoma pegged to win the conference again (despite the retirement of Stoops) and, yes, I have 2017 as another year where the Big XII gets left on the outside looking in of  the CFP. Even the introduction of a "championship game" isn't going to help because the feeling will be that the conference is down. I'll deal with that a little bit more in my upcoming CFP preview.

Oklahoma is going to lose big games to Ohio State and Texas but I predict that Texas will, in Tom Herman fashion, lose to TCU and West Virginia (Oddly enough, I think they beat USC early in the season.)

Oklahoma State might finish 9-3 and get their coach fired. I've heard that it's "win or you're out" this year for Gundy. West Virginia will be a tough place to play, and Kansas State and Baylor round out the bowl slate.

Texas Tech, Iowa State and Kansas are going to be bad teams in the weakest Power 5 conference of them all.  In fact, I think two of the three might fire their coaches after this season. The only coaches I would say are 100% safe are Lincoln Riley (OU), Tom Herman (Texas), Matt Ruhle (Baylor) and Gary Patterson (TCU). Of course, Snyder is retiring (we think) after this year so that's already a change. I wouldn't be surprised to see as many as four schools looking for new head men in the off-season.

OPOY: Baker Mayfield
DPOY: Travin Howard (TCU)
COY: Tom Herman (Tex)

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