Friday, August 11, 2017

College Football: Season Preview: The B1G

As a Michigan fan I save this one for last because of two reasons.  First, it's nearest and dearest for me and second, this is going to be hard to put to print.

Let me get it over with, here's how I see it going....

Conference Standings:
East W L West W L
Ohio State 12 0 Wisconsin 11 1
Penn State 11 1 Northwestern 9 3
Michigan 10 2 Nebraska 8 4
Indiana 6 6 Minnesota 7 5
Michigan State 5 7 Iowa 7 5
Maryland 4 8 Illinois 4 8
Rutgers 3 9 Purdue 1 11
Won division Won division
Conference Championship: Ohio State over Wisconsin
Bowl Teams: 9
CFP: Ohio State
Big 6: Wisconsin
Big 6 2: Penn State
Others: Michigan
Most Underrated: Minnesota
Most Overrated: Michigan
Coaches on Hot Seat: Indiana

Before you guffaw too loudly I want you to take a look at Wisconsin's schedule and tell me who you think is on there that can beat them?  Before you say "Michigan" consider this: The game is at Camp Randall. I think Michigan eeks out the victory, but if they don't who else on that schedule is beating the Badgers.

I think Ohio State is good enough to run the table, I think Penn State is as well so whoever wins that game wins the whole thing. The game is being played at the Horseshoe. As much as I would like to predict otherwise, that's how I see it finishing.  

I think Northwestern surprises some people and ends up second in their division, beating Nebraska at home and generally pulling off one or two minor upsets. Nebraska will be OK, better than average, then you have a whole bunch of teams that are just meh.

Michigan State is in a rebuilding year, Indiana has a ceiling, Maryland might spring an upset or three, Minnesota doesn't have the talent, Iowa is due a fall-back year where the smoke-and-mirrors don't work and Illinois has poor coaching and is thin on talent, Rutgers gets marginally better and P.J. Fleck is going to see just how barren the cupboard really is at Purdue.

OPOY: J.T. Barrett (OSU)
DPOY: Josey Jewell (Iowa)
COY: Pat Fitzgerald (NW)

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